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GURU AMAR ESTABLISHED IN YEAR 1988, is Manufacturer Exporter for Plywood and Veneer Machinery
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GURU AMAR ESTABLISHED IN YEAR 1988, is Manufacturer Exporter for Plywood and Veneer Machinery. In 1990 our first Log peeling Machine was launched from where the journey of Guru Amar Organisation started. The quality policy and standards followed by the company made it preferred machinery supplier for every plywood industry across the world.

GURU AMAR INDUSTRY LIMITED is an innovation organization serving the Wood Working Industry around the world. Its most imperative clients are the plywood industry. Guru Amar's clients are organizations working in the wood items industry manufacturing plywood & veneer. The expanding prevalence of renewable raw materials and items, for instance in development, implies development for the wood items industry. Guru Amar's innovation offering covers apparatus and machinery for the client's whole production process. As a provider of mill-scale ventures Guru Amar is a worldwide market pioneer in the plywood & veneer industry. Additionally, Guru Amar's full-benefit idea incorporates innovation administrations extending from spare parts conveyances to consistent upkeep and hardware modernizations. Average parts of venture centered business are affectability to repetitive economic changes and poor consistency of timing. Our goal has always been to provide only the highest quality equipment and services.

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